Ask Rarity
((Hopefully back to your regularly scheduled Rarity))

((Hopefully back to your regularly scheduled Rarity))

It’s offical

RARITY IS BEST PONY…There I had to get that off my chest

She does not disappoint with episodes centered around her

Rainbow Dash on the other hand..

Trick-or-Treaters…Trick-or-Treaters everywhere

I happen to live very close to an elementary school and our doorbell has been ringing nonstop since the last hour. I’ve already ‘celebrated’ Holloween by going to a theme park with friends so I’m staying home this year.

It would just make my night to see someone dressed up as Twilight or any of the other characters.So…

Have you guys seen any MLP:FIM costumes?

I can’t help myself…

Everyone follow this blog!

(Leader of the Equestrian Royal Guard)

It’s so under appreciated so I just had to do something about it

(Also I didn’t know the blog was nsfw. Just keep that in mind for the future)

((Here’s something to balance out my text posts))

How are you all finding me?

I’ll take this question down soon (Don’t want to keep my wall too cluttered)

I’m very curious to know. As you know I’m on a break, but it’s so strange to see so much traffic still coming to my page. I’m still getting new followers everyday! Not to mention the daily pageviews. So can you end my curiousity?

Oh and don’t worry I’ll be back soon.

You!?! Just how in Equestria—
Finding me in the Ponynet is one thing
Following me on the Ponynet is another!!

You!?! Just how in Equestria—

Finding me in the Ponynet is one thing

Following me on the Ponynet is another!!


And to celebrate here is a text post and a picture I guess.

Well I’ve tried to come up with a variety of ideas, but I just couldn’t draw it on my tablet. To be frank I’m not happy with the style I have. It’s alright, but I feel like I could do better at this point.

I’m going to take a break from answering questions and take my time improving my overall techniques and skills. Especially with colors… (if you guys have any good tutorials or tips please submit them)

I still can’t believe how far I’ve gotten. Seriously I love you all! Hopefully I’ll come back new and improved~

Will the next episode be another two parter?

It was a good episode all around. The ending was a bit rushed, but hey what can you really do with 22 minutes? Oh and Tom. Oh Tom~

The two episodes were supposed to be included in Season One.

So what I’m wondering is that the next episode will be another two parter! Since it’s the real start of season 2 and all.